IIST e-MagazineIIST e-Magazine Double Issue No.0286-No.0287
31, January, 2019

The Uncomfortable Truth about the Trade Deficit

Risaburo Nezu
Senior Research Advisor
Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry

President Trump claims that long-term failure to address the American trade deficit has allowed other countries to rob the US of trillions of dollars and millions of jobs. To stem this tide, he has flouted international rules in introducing a string of import restrictions, launching trade wars with not only China but long-time friends. Here we examine the veracity of the trade deficit argument.
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Japanese Style DMOs Drive Local Tourism (2)
A Time of Change for Tourism-based Community Development

Koichiro Tsuruta
CEO, Hotel New Tsuruta
Representative Director, Japan Onpaku

Because tourism is the epitome of a regional industry, communities cannot be revitalized through the efforts of tourism operators alone. After the bubble economy collapsed, even the Beppu spa resort, a typical large-scale tourist region, suffered, but it was local residents and diehard Beppu fans who launched Beppu's ongoing community development drive. These loosely-connected development communities and DMOs equipped to respond rapidly to an era of change are the two key agents in community development.
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Booming India (1)
How has India's Business Environment Changed under the Modi Administration?

Kohei Shiino
Associate Professor
Faculty of International Studies
Takushoku University

How has the Indian business environment changed since the Modi administration came to power in 2014? Here I look at the main improvements, including infrastructure development (a long-term issue in India), progress toward a cashless society thanks to the elimination of large-denomination bills, and tax reforms such as the introduction of a goods and services tax and corporate tax cuts.
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Sumitomo Chemical in Africa and the SDGs
Exploring Effective Support for Social Issues and Sustainability

Atsuko Hirooka
Executive Officer
Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd.

On October 25, 2018, IIST worked in conjunction with the United Nations Industrial Development Organization and the Kinki Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry to host the SDGs Business Challenge Seminar: Learning from Developing Country Business Success Stories. One speaker at the seminar was Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd. Executive Officer Atsuko Hirooka, who describes for us here some of the efforts being made by business.
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* Articles are written by METI officials and specialists, economists, journalists, and experts in various fields. It should be noted, however, that views expressed do not represent the official position of the Japanese government or of IIST.

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