IIST e-MagazineIIST e-Magazine No.0278
27, April, 2018

The End of Globalization?

Risaburo Nezu
Senior Research Advisor
Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry

For the last 50 years, the ongoing deepening of globalization has been taken for granted. However, a close look at recent trade and investment data reveals that the pace of globalization has been slipping for the last decade now. What’s happening?
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Industrial Reconstruction after the Great East Japan Earthquake
Current Status and Initiatives

Nozomi Sagara
Tohoku Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry

Seven years after the earthquake, gradual progress is being made toward recovery, including new facilities opening in affected parts of Tohoku and the establishment of special reconstruction zones. We will continue to work with the relevant institutions toward full recovery of the performance of key industries and regional population with the aim of speeding the recovery of affected areas and promoting additional autonomous development.
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The Tohoku Next-Generation Advanced Mobility System Technology Field Practice
—Consortium and Regional Revitalization—

Professor Takahiro Suzuki
NICHe (New Industry Creation Hatchery Center), Tohoku University

Various initiatives are currently underway in Tohoku that seek to use innovation based on advanced technologies to bring about regional revitalization. In Sendai, which has been designated by the government as a National Strategic Special Zone as part of promoting the field practice of near-future technologies, progress is being made on establishing R&D as well as establishment of hubs for next-generation advanced mobility systems such as autonomous driving and drone testing. Here we look at efforts by a consortium set up to resolve regional issues such as disaster-affected areas, population aging and depopulation, and population decline and create new industries and jobs.
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Hokkaido as “Japan's Mongolia”
Commonalities provide a foothold for economic exchange

Usukhbayar Ganbat
Deputy-Secretary General
Hokkaido-Mongolia Economic Exchange Promotion Committee

IIST has been working with the Hokkaido Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry to run a program promoting the development of economic and industrial partnership with Mongolia in Hokkaido. In its second year, the program is designed to encourage economic exchange between Hokkaido and Mongolia. Mongolia-born Usukhbayar Ganbat, who participated in the program as interpreter and coordinator, reports here on 2017 initiatives.
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* Articles are written by METI officials and specialists, economists, journalists, and experts in various fields. It should be noted, however, that views expressed do not represent the official position of the Japanese government or of IIST.

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