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7, March, 2019

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This will be the last IIST e-Magazine for a while.
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Offshoring by Japanese Companies during the Heisei Period

Tomikazu Hiraga, Ph.D.
Professor, Faculty of Management, Osaka Seikei University
Adjunct Research Fellow, NLI Research Institute

This article looks back on trends and changes in offshoring by Japanese companies over the Heisei period in the context of the economic development of the Asian emerging countries and other major changes in the international situation.
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Booming India (2)
India's Dramatically Changing IT Industry and Japan-India Partnership

Yukio Takeyari
Former Managing Director
Sony India Software Centre Pvt. Ltd.

As IT innovation accelerates worldwide, India's IT industry has sustained a strong growth trajectory. According to India's IT industry association NASSCOM, sales have expanded 20-fold from US$8 billion in 2000 to US$154 billion in 2016. Offshore orders account for US$116 billion, or around 80 percent, of those sales?seriously global business.
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* Articles are written by METI officials and specialists, economists, journalists, and experts in various fields. It should be noted, however, that views expressed do not represent the official position of the Japanese government or of IIST.

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