IIST e-MagazineIIST e-Magazine Double Issue No.0281-No.0282
31, July, 2018

The Future of Japan-China Relations from an Historical Perspective

Tsugio Ide
Director, Asian Communication Juku, JCMS

With this year marking the 40th anniversary of the conclusion of the Treaty of Peace and Friendship between Japan and China and our economic relationship continuing to advance, here I review the long history of exchange between Japan and China while also arguing that Oriental thought holds the key to resolving global environmental issues, growing social disparities, and other issues confronting the 21st century market economy system.
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Taking Traditional Japanese Cuisine to the World (1)
“Un-stringy” Nattō Delights French Palates

Masaru Sakai
Ibaraki Growth Industry Promotion Council

Washoku (Japanese cuisine) was added to UNESCO's Intangible Cultural Heritage list back in 2013, since which time it has attracted growing international attention. At home, however, factors such as Japan's changing food culture have seen a decline in the consumption of various washoku ingredients. In this series, we look at efforts to grow the international market for traditional Japanese ingredients and food products by redefining them to match local preferences and cultures.
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The Essence of the North Korea Nuclear Issue (3)
US Helpless in the Face of North Korea’s Wily Negotiating Tactics

Yoji Koda
Former Commander in Chief, JMSDF Fleet

In this final of his three-part series on the North Korean nuclear issue, former Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force Commander in Chief Yoji Koda examines the differences that have been emerging post-summit in the respective expectations of the United States and North Korea and draws on an objective analysis of the current situation to suggest how the North Korea situation might unfold and how Japan should respond.
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Japan in an Era of Mega-FTAs (1)
Economic Partnerships Today

Yasuyuki Abe
Deputy Director
Economic Partnership Division
Trade Policy Bureau
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI)

Japan is working hard to ride the current wave of mega free trade agreements, with the Diet approving the TPP11 in June this year and the Japan-Europe EPA expected to go into effect by spring 2019. How should Japan respond to the recent surge in protectionism? How should the world respond? We asked the Economic Partnership Division at the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
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The Essence of the North Korea Nuclear Issue (2)
US-North Korea Summit Talks: Much Ado about Nothing
(As at 7 May 2018)

Yoji Koda
Former Commander in Chief, JMSDF Fleet

In a three-part series, former Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force Commander in Chief Yoji Koda explains the North Korean nuclear issue which has taken such a dramatic turn in 2018. In this second article, he overviews the lead-up to the US-North Korea summit talks on 12 June, assesses the content of the talks, and makes some suggestions as to how Japan should respond in the coming months.
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* Articles are written by METI officials and specialists, economists, journalists, and experts in various fields. It should be noted, however, that views expressed do not represent the official position of the Japanese government or of IIST.

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