IIST e-MagazineIIST e-Magazine Double Issue No.0269-No.0270
31, July, 2017

Are Immigrants Really Such a Danger?

Risaburo Nezu
Senior Research Advisor
Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry

Japan has an extremely low ratio of foreigners. Other advanced countries are taking in a broad range of foreigners as a way of addressing population decline and labor shortfalls. The time has come for Japan too to relax the world’s most stringent immigrant and refugee policy.
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Series: Growing Inbound Tourism (Part 8)
Kinosaki Onsen—One Large Ryokan
Using Data to Drive Tourism in Toyooka City

Tatsumi Kobayashi
Department of the Environment and Economy
Toyooka City

The number of foreign visitors staying overnight in Toyooka City has grown by a massive 40 times over the last five years. Here we look back at how initiatives to attract foreign tourists grew from being of no local interest to the focus of everyone's interest.
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Series: Employing AI / IoT to Create New Businesses (2)
Applying Familiar IoT to Equipment Inspections
Enabling on-site safety control even by inexperienced personnel

Iwao Kobata
Kobata Gauge Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Here we introduce our Cloud-based gauge and equipment maintenance and management system using RFID tag labels as an example of easily adopted IoT for the understaffed equipment inspection and maintenance area.

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The US Marine Corps and Iran

Kazuo Takahashi
Open University of Japan

Key members of the Trump administration have a much negative view of Iran than was held by the Obama administration, with disturbing implications for the new administration’s Iran policy. Here we look at the images of Iran underpinning the current negative view.

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* Articles are written by METI officials and specialists, economists, journalists, and experts in various fields. It should be noted, however, that views expressed do not represent the official position of the Japanese government or of IIST.

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